Help In-depth documentation for Super Uploader.

What is Super Uploader?

Super Uploader is a fast and convenient way for you to send us your book keeping documents. No more time wasted attaching and sending single files, simply place all of your files into one folder, and transmit the whole folder in a couple of clicks! It’s fast, simple, convenient and reliable.

Once you’ve sent the documents, we’ll email you a confirmation of the documents that you’ve uploaded so that you have a record of what you sent, and when.

If you require an up-loader that allows you to archive, backup, catalogue, access and share your files then ask us about our Super Dooper Uploader.

Why PDF?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most widely used file format for document archive, storage and transmission. The format is compatible with a wide variety of software systems worldwide for easy retrieval and access.

We work all the time with PDF files, and by using the same format throughout the workflow it streamlines the whole bookkeeping process. This helps us to produce your accounts swiftly and keep the price down.

How do I create PDF Files?

It’s easy to create PDF files from any application. Simply download and install a free PDF Printer, and you can create a PDF file by using the “Print” option in your application. You’ll use less paper and toner, which is great for your wallet and for Polar bears.

When scanning documents, you can set any decent scanner to create PDF files. Just remember to select the "Create single document" option if you are scanning a multiple page document in single pages.

If you have lots to scan, investing in a double-sided scanner makes loads of sense. They aren’t very expensive, and are fast and reliable.

We hope you find our Super Uploader to be a great tool in helping you to work efficiently in your business.